Statement on Academic Ethics
By publishing in the International Journal of Levant Studies, the authors endeavour to comply with the established international standards on academic ethics. Ethical practices in scholarly publishing, promoted by editorial and publishing communities around the world and guided by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), are an essential attribute of the IJLS’ publishing activity.
As a scientific journal that promotes original interdisciplinary research with a clear, well-structured and applied methodology, the IJLS sanctions any attempts at plagiarism, or any attempts to substitute or assimilate scientific results without citing the relevant authors or sources in question, as well as any form of incorrect citation or poor methodological foundation. In case of such deviations from
academic ethical norms, the IJLS editorial office will act swiftly and decisively: articles showcasing such deviations from academic standards will be automatically rejected, and the Journal reserves the right to reject any future studies from the sanctioned author outright.

Author data protection

The IJLS will strive to avoid any conflict of interest in its publication of manuscripts from submitting authors. The Scientific and Editorial Committees, alongside the IJLS’ collaborating peer-reviewers and all staff involved in its publishing activity will preserve the confidentiality of submitting authors’ data, which will be strictly used in the process of communication between the parties involved, without coming into the possession of any third party.
Rejected and unpublished materials will be removed from the IJLS editorial archive.
The IJLS recommends authors popularise the studies published in the journal while observing the conditions of the Journal’s accurate citation. After the physical publication of their studies, authors have the right to also circulate them in an online format, in order to facilitate the visibility of the IJLS and the accessibility of their studies among the scientific community.