English-language studies shall be submitted to the Editorial Board at editorial@ijls.ro

Publication is not pursuant to fees being levied upon the original authors. Submissions shall be accepted in both MS Word .docx and .pdf formats.
The Editorial Board will confirm the receipt of submissions within seven (7) days.

Prior to submission, authors must verify their work follows the recommendations set forth in the Author’s Guide. However, in all cases, in order for submissions to proceed to the Journal’s peer-review process they must constitute original research and be drafted in appropriate academic English.

Peer-review procedures

The peer-review process is primarily concerned with whether the manuscript submitted is of interest to both specialists and to the general public. The aim is to make original research and studies available to specialists, teachers, students and scholars in fields related to Levantine studies.
To this end, the Journal’s peer reviewers will make specific suggestions on whether, and how, the manuscript achieves this goal. They will also look into issues such as:

  • Whether citations are representative of published primary literature.
  • Whether the Abstract is representative of the submission as a whole, and whether it is sufficiently succinct and informative.
  • Whether the manuscript is well-structured and easily readable.
  • Whether the manuscript’s illustrations and tables are useful and well-fitted to the structure of the article.

Should the manuscript not belong to the category of previously unpublished works, or otherwise present glaring methodological problems (i.e., it deals with a topic outside the IJLS’s stated area of interest), the IJLS’s reviewers may suggest the manuscript’s automatic rejection without further evaluation.
Submissions that enter the review process shall be evaluated, with reviewers able to propose one of the following outcomes:

  • Acceptance without further revision (acceptance): the manuscript may be published in the form originally submitted.
  • Acceptance following minor revisions (acceptance): the article may be published once the author has implemented the suggested corrections.
  • Acceptance following major revisions (conditional acceptance): the article may only be published if the author makes substantive changes to the work, as recommended by the Journal’s reviewers and editors.
  • Conditional rejection: reviewers may request the manuscript’s revision and resubmission for further evaluation, once the authors have implemented the fundamental changes requested.
  • Rejection: the submission will not be published, nor will it enter a re-review process.

The Editorial Board will make known the solution the reviewers proposed following the peer-review process within one (1) calendar month from submission. Accepted submissions shall be included in the next available issue for publication, unless that issue is slated to tackle a specific thematic topic unrelated to the submission, as proposed by the Journal’s Scientific Board.